Deeply embedded within the nature of my being lays the urge to be creative. The desire to create and co-create is something that comes as natural as breathing.

Below you will find some of my most recent offerings and projects, all built with the intent to support you in whichever way I can.


For those returning home to self

1:1 Support, Challenging, and Integration Coaching for the seekers, adventurers and deep dive junkies.

Ongoing engagements, Deep dive quickies, and in-person transformation customized to your greatest good.

Seekers often report a loving, grounded presence, patient support, and that they wish we had started working together 10 years earlier.


Bringing Ritual to YOUR community

Are you a community leader, organiser or owner of an event space looking to bring ritual to your community?

Darkstar Temple designs experiences and rituals in multiple
countries, states, and cities for large groups and individual seekers looking for deep, lasting shifts in their world.

Turn your passion into a brand

A self-paced marketing course with access to an online community.

Perfect for artists, dakas/dakinis, medicine carriers, astrologers, cardreaders, coaches and more looking to start sharing their magic with the world!

Your main hub for affiliate linking

An online community for Conscious Creators.

We all have such amazing programs, workshops, offerings, events, and gifts. These should be spread further than our own audience allows for.
Content Cauldron for conscious creators is a source of connection; a pool of inspiration, and your link to those who are looking for your gifts.