See: Catharsis Junkie
One who enjoys Life extremes with minimal integration in between.
Sound like you?

I support people as a challenger. You hold the magic.

Have you ever:

Moved from one intense experience/workshop/retreat right to the next.
Been super inspired by the next project only to have it end three steps in.
Run away from a significant life experience? Relationship, Death, New Job, Newly Sober, etc.
Felt unsure about your next steps after a deep realization.
Wanted to move into deeper connection with who you think you could be.

In my travels I meet so many people who jump from retreat to retreat without ever letting the experience fully land.


How can we learn, grow, heal when we don’t give our self space to embody our teachings?

Here’s the secret…

Life is what needs integration.

Just being alive is enough to warrant having a challenger/coach voyage with you.

I’ve been integrating big cathartic insights since the late 1900s, and holding space for people so that they can get the most of their experiences.

SHAMASOCHIST coaching is designed specifically for your integration needs,
to help you get the most out of the earth shattering insights you just lived through.

Integrating with the world after big insights deserves a soft landing.

Sobriety • Relationships • Family • Medicines • Workshops

What Else....

I’m committed to those who are called. I provide a range of ways to work together that are supportive of lasting value.

Deep Dive Consultation

Tell me where you are, where you want to be, what you've tried so far to get there and I'll deliver...

A one-off report with strategic recommendations for all areas of your life (dating, business, workshops, education, medicines, therapies, etc.).

We'll revisit after 3-6 months and see where you're at. 

Ongoing Challenging/Coaching

Hands on, full-access, ongoing work together to assist your...

Goal setting & tracking, timelines, project design/launch/support, imagineering, diet, exercise, sobriety, etc.

Six, 90-minute calls over 3 months for a more hands-on engagement.

In-Person Work

Together with your partner(s) or just us in the same space for a set time where we can...

Have a catered experience at your home or a neutral place (AirBnB, hotel, etc.) where all is possible. Bodywork, conversation, movement, and more.