Aaron Mandelbaum

A unique voice & grounding presence on
the path of transformation

Meet Aaron Mandelbaum

Aaron has been researching, studying, practicing, and working in philosophy, transformation, and shamanism since the late 1900s.

He holds a BA in Philosophy with a concentration in ontology, death, and sexual ethics and an MBA in business strategy.

He has participated in and assisted with Landmark Education, The Sterling Institute of Relationship, Highden Temple, Francesca Gentile’s Shamanic Kink, ISTA, and Seani Wild’s Conscious Kink Training. 

In 2020 Aaron created Marketing for Spiritworkers. This online marketing course helps people create and grow authentic expressions of their magic. He has designed experiences, programs, courses, and trainings worldwide and continues to coach individuals, groups, and businesses. Aaron also holds two Guinness World Records.

Many people I’ve worked with have said they wish we started 10 years earlier.

This is your moment to move into unpredicted possibilities, joy, freedom, and expression.

Move from a stuck mess to a “ƒuck yes!”

Replace shame, fear, and guilt with power presence, and passion.

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“Aaron is an exquisite space holder: super calm, super grounded, and super attuned. I have always felt completely safe in any container that he’s held. And he has held some pretty wild ones that I’ve participated in!

I am quite in awe of the magic, beauty, and healing that has resulted both for me and many others that I shared these spaces with. He is also just a wonderful and absolutely hilarious human. I feel my life becoming more interesting and enjoyable around him.

May we all be so lucky to get to work with someone like Aaron!”

– Carter C.


“Aaron created a solid container well before our session with poignant inquiry and detailed communication.

When we met in person, he brought his calm, loving presence, which helped me to feel spacious, safe and comfortable as we laid out our intentions and boundaries and created a sacred container together.

Our session was a co-creation but Aaron’s smooth energy and perceptive intuition helped to guide and contain the session in, what felt like, a bubble of light. He knew when to encourage the flow and when to hold space and just allow. I still feel the reverberations of his healing touch.”



“In ritual, the space held is so solidly anchored in loving neutrality that your being is safe to surrender to the deepest depths. A thoughtful deep listener, Aaron conducts a space that satisfies each level of consciousness and welcomes your psyche to relax and receive the medicinal transmission.

It is so powerful to feel so deeply held through a transformative process. Thank you, for your steadfast devotion to creating and holding powerful containers of transformation.”

– Ashley J.

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