Amazing reads

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Unbound: A woman's guide to power

Kasia Urbaniak

Essential books for relationships to self and others. All are amazing for any person in any body.

the power of TED

David Emerald

This is the opposite of the Drama Triangle. Written as a story, short, and engaging.

trail guide to the body

Andrew Biel

This is an amazing book for learning how to touch!

experience as art

Joseph H. Kupfer

Fantastic philosophy book that will enliven your experience of the world.

Carolyn Elliot

A fantastic exploration of how we actually enjoy the stress in our lives.

dark moon rising

Raven Kaldera

Beyond BDSM, this is an exploration of traversing ordeals. Deep and powerful work that's worth studying first.

John A. Sanford

The psychology (based in Jung) of relating. Drawing from the concept of internal masculine/feminine.

Stephen & Seth Porges

Written by the one who first proposed polyvagal theory, this is a great step towards understanding trauma and it's effects.

way of the shaman

Michael Harner

The essential book from the man who brought authentic shamanism to light.


Carol S. Dweck

How set are you in your ability to change your world? This is the psychology that can unlock your potential.